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We keep going during COVID-19 occurred

With recent effective control of Covid-19 in China, many factories have reopened and resumed production in order gradually. Some of our customers are trying their best to push the business going, even they still work in home. It’s a positive single for everyone, all of us believe the things will be better finally.

Ensuring the production goes as plan and taking care of workers’ health at the same time, we take a lot of methods like wearing the mask, and keeping the distance of 8 feet with each other, washing hands as more as possible. In addition, during the time, many customers could not arrange the inspection as past, we solve the problem by send video and picture report to customers, who have the request. And we would send all details of goods, packaging, space parts and even some producing procedure, then get the approval before arranging loading. The customer’s satisfaction deserves our best doing.

For our general manager, pay more attention and salary to our workers, to purchase more protective items, such as facial mask, liquid soap and fruits to keep all job will go normal. Even now is a hard time, we all feel courage during these time, because we all unify together to meet the difficulty. Believe through all our effort, tomorrow will be a brighter future.

Guarantying the quality of production, we adopted more strict requirement than usual. As there has no way to arrange the inspection on site like past, we invited the customer on a video conference to check every detail of the production, and sent the inspection report after that. To our valued customers, we are experiencing extremely difficult time. While the night will be end and the day will come. Feel free to visit our website, or email us for order.

Post time: Apr-10-2020